Kiwi Building rolls in the heavy machinery

Regrading, remodelling and landscaping the grounds of a Buckinghamshire estate - with a bit of help from some heavy duty machinery.

16 Jan, 2020

Kiwi Building - Large Scale Landscaping

From ha-ha walls to open swales

When Kiwi Building were called in to assist with the regrading and landscaping of an impressive ha-ha wall and swale in the expansive grounds of a Buckinghamshire estate little did they know the project would keep them occupied for several months.

The open tiered swale, a shallow channel with gently sloping sides, required some re-engineering along with extensive regrading of pasture land running up to the ha-ha wall. This involved the movement of thousands of tonnes of earth to regrade the field. The volume of soil shifting involved required the use of some heavy duty machinery, dumpers and 360° excavators were hired in from High Wycombe firm Hawes Plant & Tool Hire.

Wider landscaping

In addition to the large scale movement of topsoil, huge tree trunks were also relocated as part of the broader landscaping remit to generally tidy up old storm damage around the estate.

Kiwi Building - Large Scale Landscaping
Kiwi Building - Large Scale Landscaping

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